210514 | Tarpon Springs

210514 | Tarpon Springs

A quick series of short, 2-3 minute videos giving you a snapshot of progress since moving to Florida.


Personal Highlight
Our place in Tarpon Springs

Building a Communication Platform

Rhythms & Seasons

Forays & Weekly Focus

Stellar Impact
Our Ultimate Intentions

Coming Soon
Our Upcoming Move

Ministry Direction for Season 3

Project Refuge
Recent Success, and How We Help

Arcadia Property
It Has to Be Commercial!


Well, that was quick, scrappy, and took me longer to get posted than I expected. But, in the process, I have learned about creating YouTube Channels, the new block editor in WordPress, YouTube vs Vimeo, why JRox won’t work, Kartra as an alternative, and a whole bunch more I didn’t want to know about online communication platforms. LOL!

So, this week is turning into a tech focus week by default. My goal, by the end of the 2-week foray, is to have a solid communication platform up and running by which we can share with you regularly — and by which you can communicate back with us about any comments you have, questions, suggestions, or just to drop in and say “Hi!”

Again, thank you all for your continued support and encouragement as we embark on this new season of our journey. Our hope is that we are going to continue to accomplish many more good things together. Bless you all! – Erl.

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