210528 | Memorial Day Weekend

210528 | Memorial Day Weekend


Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Quick update on our move, progress on infrastructure (in spite of tech challenges), and a little more on the Arcadia Project and how we approach community development.


Memorial Day

Weekend greeting. Moving this weekend, down to Sarasota.


Reviewing the first 2-week Foray, of this Focus Cycle. Setting direction for the next.

Arcadia Project

We have found a faithful Steward! Watch this update if you want to get insight into our model for prospering households in order to bless the communities in which they live.

Quick Q&A

Responding to your Questions & Feedback on Donating, and Vision.


Well, we’re getting excited. Hope you are too! There’s a whole new season opening up, and lots of good things coming in the very near future. Peddling as fast as we can! 🙂

Remember, we’re starting a whole new 2-week Foray. What’s your focus?

My personal work will be around finalizing the communication infrastructure, and launching a unified content management and delivery platform. (Exciting update coming in about a week!) Christy is working hard on the Brooklyn MIX, and it’s related Diversity Procurement Initiative to bless micro-businesses and the immigrant community in Brooklyn Park & Brooklyn Center, MN. She’s also working on finishing up her Real Estate licensing requirement for business brokerage here in Florida. That, and relocating to Sarasota, should keep us busy for the week or two.

As always, we appreciate all your encouragement and support, and wish you all the very best in the weeks ahead.

Blessings! – Erl & Christy

Post Script

I mentioned, in the 4th video, that if there were gators in the water, I’d show them to you. Well, we have a friend female that frequents the channels in our neighborhood. I affectionately nicknamed her Miss Ali G — small, tough, big smile, but you wouldn’t want to mess with her. LOL Here she is …

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