210611 | Osprey, Sarasota

210611 | Osprey, Sarasota


Finally landed up in Sarasota, and … finally figured out to turn my camera sideways! LOL

Osprey, a small south side suburb, is a great location in which to live & work. It’s inspiring a whole new sense of focus, direction, and determination. Great things are starting to take shape. Glad you’re all a part of it!

Never ‘Settle For’!

This move gave us quite the spiritual reminder to A.S.K. i.e. “Go … Ask, then Seek, and keep Knocking till you get it!” Those of you who know Christy will recognize her determination and tenacious attitude. This whole situation ended up reminding me of Ellen Bailey’s classic poem, “I bargained with Life for a penny!” Fortunately it turned out better!

Stellar Impact

Migration Mania

“Appreciate your Admin!” — That’s the lesson here … and why we need to build out an Admin Support team.


Showcase updates are where we celebrate people doing good! This is so you can begin to get an idea of what it looks like to begin to have a Stellar Impact in your own life. They’re meant to inspire. So, enjoy!

Household Stewardship

Part of the Stellar Impact community development model is to encourage the growth of ‘pillar of the community’ households that exercise stewardship over their prosperity, in order to use it in service to those around them. Here’s an example of one such couple, using the next home they’re buying for greater impact in their community.

Heads Up: We’re Switching to Email!

Sounds like we’re going backwards, technologically, doesn’t it? Yet, it turns out to be the simplest, most reliable way to notify large numbers of people about these updates, announcements, events, and more.

Bonus: Quick Training

Hey, I believe in rewarding loyalty. And … I want to give a LOT of free stuff away! So, in appreciation for sticking with me as I work my way through this, here’s a teaser — a sneak preview of training to come, and an underlying framework we use for developing people, projects, and other initiatives.


It’s an acronym, to help you grow anything from your own personal development, to large-scale initiatives. Enjoy!

Coming Soon

Watch this space! In the next couple of weeks, I want to begin rolling out the teaching and training part of the ecosystem. I’ll let you know just as soon as that is available!


Well, things we learned this foray:

a. Tech takes time!

  • Tech takes time!
  • Admin Support is invaluable, and deserves to be appreciated!
  • If you want to build something of any consequence, you have to build a team
  • Clarity is everything!

As always, really appreciate your support. Right now, there’s thunder outside, the rain is pouring down in sheets, and my work day is done. So, this little pluviophile is going to go play in the rain!

Blessings! – Erl

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