Faith & Fruit

Faith & Fruit

Think about it, any kind of planting is an act of faith!

Actually planting something in the ground, whether it’s a seed or a sapling, is the moment that mere belief becomes mortal trust.

It’s out of your control. Yes, you can do some nurturing to perhaps help it grow. Ultimately, however, you bury it in dirt, and hope it lives.

It’s in that moment that you take a step beyond just saying you believe in the life principle you affirm.

It’s moving from believing in the law of planting and harvest, to actually being willing to commit your time, effort, energy, and resources into really trusting it to work in your life.

Trust is more than agreement with, adherence to, or profession of a belief. It’s not a matter of profession of, or devotion to, an idea. It’s the way you choose to live your life in response to that idea, that determines your faith in it.

The ancients would made many a religion out of harvest festivals and fertility rites. All their elaborate rituals, ecstatic devotion, and excessive festivals were merely a display of either desperation or devotion.

It wasn’t until they actually planted their food in the ground, buried the very seed that could feed them and keep them alive, that they demonstrated their faith in the simple law of sowing & reaping.

Your verbal profession of an idea, or your public defense of it, may declare what you think about a thing. But, in the end, it’s your action that tells where your heart really is.

It’s in the moment you commit to taking action on the idea, that you show how much you really trust Life to uphold the principles you say you believe in.

So, when our friends Peter & Christine asked us to go plant fruit trees on ground we hadn’t even closed on yet, I was silently but profoundly impressed.

Simple faith! .., Willing to move in absolute trust, to plant something in the hope of good things to come. That’s how you co-create a better future.

Besides, one of those trees is a longaan tree, one of my favorite fruits!

Planting Fruit Trees on the Arcadia Land

For those of you who want an idea of what the land is like, and what we are starting to do, here it is … And, how to plant self-watering trees!

Forty seconds in, I couldn’t figure out how to turn my camera around, and accidentally cut the video. Here’s the remaining minute and a half.

Where Exactly We Planted

You don’t really need to watch this one. It’s specifically for our friends, so they can know exactly where we planted the trees they provided and asked us to plant. However, if in years to come you ever want to come and see these trees for yourselves, here’s exactly where they are. I get dibs on the longaans! 🙂

Quick Tour of the West 5 Acres

For those who are curious, this is just us walking back to the east end of the property. If you want to see what the the terrain and vegetation is like, here it is. Surprisingly, it’s a lot more like Minnesota than Florida.

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