Hitting Your Giving Threshold

Hitting Your Giving Threshold

None of us have the capacity to help as much as we want? We were never meant to do so alone!

So, why do we persist in trying? If you do, you risk discouragement, overwhelm, and emotional burnout — not to mention sinking your own mental, spiritual, and financial well-being in the process.

When you hit the limits of your personal capacity to help, it’s time to multiply your capacity through community, and invite others to join you in your work.

However, done incorrectly, that in itself can suck you down into a spiral of even greater overwhelm, and serve only to delay the inevitable crisis that results.

Here then, is a simple, yet effective alternative to where you can increase your capacity, save your sanity, engage others, and achieve greater results in helping those you want to help — all with a lot less stress in your life!

It takes a bit work. It takes a bit of focus, and some consistent effort over time. Still, keep it simple, personal, and limited to an intimate few who really care is often the easiest and best way out of the frustration of trying to do more than you can ever do by yourself.

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