Into Africa

Into Africa

“Set your intentions!” — That’s so powerful!

Apart from focusing your desire and attention, it seems to set other things in motion that are beyond your abilities to bring about. This is especially true when you do it within the cadence, the rhythm & seasons, of your Master Calendar.

HILT – Humanitarian Impact Leaders Training is Launched!

We had set the intention that we would launch the first week of September … and then everything got in the way. By the end of the Summer, it looked certain that it was not going to happen, and we’d have to delay again. Yet, I felt this insistence inside. “No, I still want this to happen! I don’t know how, but I know it must!”

Just when I was about to lay it down, and report a delay, “out of the blue” I get a message from Africa. It unofficially became a soft launch of HILT. It’s messy. It’s incomplete. It’s not all nicely laid out and planned the way I like it — but it’s moving!

Lessons Learned

  1. Don’t Give Up!
    When it seems least likely to happen, is when the most wonderful things have a tendency to show up.
  2. Get Moving Anyway!
    Make a mess … You can clean it up later.
  3. Stay Humble!
    The people you set out to help, may be the very one’s that help you.
  4. Remember the Lesson!
    How quickly we forget, right? Even as I’m writing this, I feel myself wanting to fret because we’re facing what’s starting to look like an impossible housing situation. It’s about learning to settle your soul, and walk in trust.

Live loves you! When you work to love on others, Life works through you to get it done — even when you can’t.

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