Leveraging Leadership

Leveraging Leadership

Since all of leadership is about influence through communication, how do you leverage the scope, scale, and quality of your communication into becoming a larger conversation over a greater duration of time?

In these updates, you will get insight into how we are going about answering that question, laying down a platform to increase the effectiveness of those who come after us. Enjoy!

Stellar Impact

Increasing Capacity

How this core element of Stellar Impact fits with the others to create compassionate action with greater results.

Thinking Visually

Tools You Can Use! — For when you need to draw out what’s in your head, and then translate that into clear communication that others can use. An inside look into some of the key pieces we’re putting together.

Structuring Legally

“Squeaky Clean & Legal!” — That’s one of our most basic operating principles … for everyone! But, how do you structure your affairs so that you are both legal & protected as you start to increase the wealth with which to be generous. Just a sneak peek into what we’re setting up, why, and where we are heading together.

Coming Soon


Humanitarian Impact Leaders Training! — We’ve been blessed with our first sponsorship for the development of our first online leadership training program, to kick off in the fall. Plus, we’re already starting with a few early participants to create and test the prototype content we will be using. This update will give you an idea of where we are heading.

Stellar Impact Blog Posts

No video on this update. Not everything needs to be video, right? Just letting you know that this is what I will primarily be working on in this next foray. Here’s the good news: I can separate out the blogs into separate streams by subject. That means that you can easily access only the content that specifically appeals to you. Look for it by the next set of Stellar Updates.


The whole Stellar Impact purpose, process, model, vision, and mission are all really starting to drop into place! Along with that, are calling, and the work we have to get done, is really becoming clear.

I’m finding myself joyful working in the face of an ever-present urgency. I simply cannot communicate fast enough to get this out to you fast enough. Oh, well. It gives me time to think, with each iteration. Besides, if I dumped it on you all at once, I’d probably overwhelm you anyway.

Thank you again for joining us on the journey.

Blessings! – Erl

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