October Updates

October Updates

SY 22 — Stellar Year 22! We’re well on our way, halfway into the first season, and already things are accelerating quickly. I feel like that leader who quipped, “Follow me … I’m right behind you!” Lot’s of exciting things happening!

How about you? What good things are happening in your life? What exciting things are you looking forward to for the rest of the year? Here’s how are things are progressing on our end.

Landing in Laurel Park

Welcome to our new neighborhood! Shooting the October Updates from the community park, in Laurel Park, near our house. Sorry about the wind in the microphone, but it’s a great location for video.

Arcadia Land Project

Anticipated closing date coming up fast. Still room for anyone who wants to participate. I mention a video about the trees. Did that as a separate post just before this one (for those following this project).

Blood on the Floor!

Sometimes helping people gets messy! And, hospitality in your home can come with cleaning up afterward. Just a little drama in the grand adventure. The city police here are amazing!

Your Interests, Your Channels

Finally starting to get this communication infrastructure thing down. Feel like I’ve been through college three times over, trying to climb the learning curve to figure all of this out. It’s not just the tech. It’s the strategy also. Hope you like how it’s developing.

It’s All an Adventure!

Personal, family, finances, and immediate future. The transition has been a little tricky. Thank you to all of you for your generous support! Here’s how it’s shaping up for the next few months ahead.

Humanitarian Impact Leaders Training

We’re refining the format for interaction and influence in Africa. Using the feedback we’re getting from them to improve the way we serve those leaders doing work on the ground.

Again, my apologies for the wind noise. That’s it for this month. There’s a few other snippets in our email broadcast. If you haven’t signed up for that yet, let me know, and I will get you on the list.

Blessings! – Erl

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