From Character & Integrity, to Compassionate Impact, the unique Stellar Impact Leadership Development System will help you on your journey to becoming a High-Impact Humanitarian making a positive & enduring difference in the world, in the lives of those you most deeply care about.

We emphasize 3 Key Areas of Growth:

  1. Self-Leadership — Through our unique Intentional Consciousness training, you learn personal mastery of your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. This develops the internal leadership, the private integrity of character, that overflows into your public leadership and the wisdom with which you lead others.
  2. Enterprise Leadership — The powerful concepts, methods, and tools of the Enterprise Leadership Framework train you not only to develop as an organizational leader, but to go beyond that into inspiring and leading leaders of multiple organizations. This entrepreneurial insight is a prerequisite for leading effective humanitarian initiatives.
  3. Humanitarian Impact — Your Catalyst Project training & coaching program has you at a point of impact, on the ground, building your first prototype project as the foundation of all your future initiatives. This ‘learn by doing’ experiential training approach gets you applying the knowledge you gain to immediately begin creating sustainable initiatives that have enduring impact in the lives of those you help.