Stellar Mandate

The Stellar Mandate is simple: “Help the Poor!” — Actually, physically, tangibly care for the impoverished, exploited, oppressed, marginalized, downtrodden, disadvantaged, forgotten, voiceless, vulnerable, and those in a variety of different kinds of need.

In whatever guise poverty & lack confront us, in whatever cause calls to your heart, the Stellar Mandate is designed to help you become more effective, and excellent, at making a significant difference in that area.

The third in a unique series of Stellar Impact signature programs, the Stellar Mandate helps compassionate leaders develop their very own catalyst project, making a difference ‘on the ground’, thereby helping them becoming High-Impact Humanitarians in the causes they care about.

This is a program for accomplished individuals, with the time, money and resources available to do good, and who want to do more than just send a check, and be ‘donors from a distance’.

The Stellar Mandate is for those who want to get ‘up close & personal’ — entrepreneurially minded individuals who want to build something sustainable that will operate without them, and endure beyond their lifetime and efforts to do so.

If you would like to know more, either as a participant or sponsor of these programs, then please contact our founder for further information. We’d love to hear from like-minded individuals looking to contribute to the well-being of those in need.