Stellar Mindset

Available only through private consultation, these Stellar Mindset training and coaching courses are unique in the field of personal development.

Together, they form and intense self-leadership series that lays the foundation of character, confidence, and excellence necessary to master the initiatives, frameworks, and personal growth upon which humanitarian leadership is successfully & sustainably built.

The Stellar Mindset core training focuses on four key elements of self-leadership that affect results in all areas of our lives:

  • Personal Essence & Identity
  • Global Life Narrative & Worldview
  • Authority over Self
  • Mastery of Your Mind, Emotions, and Behavior

Predicated on the idea of transformation through the constant and ongoing renewal of one’s mind, Stellar Mindset seeks to give you a more masterful understanding of the internal structure, sequencing, and dynamics of human thought, emotional states, and strategies that ultimately drive our everyday choices and behavior.

Currently, this series is only available in an exclusive, direct 1-to-1 coach mentoring relationship. Eventually, we hope to make this premium content publicly available in both live workshop and online program formats.

For more information on personal coaching & mentoring, or to host a workshop, please contact the founder directly.