Stellar Impact exists to raise up inspirational leaders with the passion, and the compassion, to empower those who care for the weak, vulnerable, voiceless, and poor. This purpose is based on the provocative question:

“If everyone cared enough, and everyone shared enough, then surely, wouldn’t everyone have enough?”


We seek to disrupt systems of poverty, and replace them with systems of generative, inter-generational prosperity. In this way, to restore equity, dignity, and justice from whom it has been taken.

“Generosity is the flower of justice.”

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Ultimately, raising an individual out of poverty means transforming the environment around them. That requires communities to prosper. That requires entrepreneurs to building thriving economies in the communities in which they live. That is Stellar Impact International’s first point of focus.

To that end, we provide a series of training and coaching programs that help entrepreneurial leaders from the development of their own character and self-leadership, all the way to becoming high-impact humanitarians, initiating sustainable socio-economic transformation on behalf of those they have a heart to help.