Right Goals, or Real Ones?

Right Goals, or Real Ones?

Is what you say you want, really what you want?

Or, are you deluding yourself with the ‘right‘ answers to your own questions, so you don’t have to face the real answers? — The answers you would rather avoid!

This kind of self-awareness takes a great deal of courage and personal honesty. It’s a subtle distinction that can accelerate us toward, or separate us from, our ultimate success and happiness.

Do your actual intentions align with your stated aspirations?

Whether in deciding your values, goal-setting, relationships, or any area of your life where you want something better for yourself, is what you say you want, what you are really going for?

How do you tell?

Easy! – Just watch for when your behavior doesn’t line up with what you say you want.

That simple dynamic shows up all over the place!

Owners, Entrepreneurs, and CEOs will hire us to help empower their leadership teams, “So I don’t have to run everything!” Then they hang onto control with a death grip that refuses to be broken, and strangle the life and profit out of their business.

Married couples say they want marital harmony, peace, and love in their homes. Then they destroy that in a heartbeat as they fight for something else, often not know what exactly, that’s obviously more important.

Sales people say they want huge success, then stay huddled in their offices playing with their database, instead of going out and developing their professional network.

People of faith say they want to grow spiritually, and be kinder, more compassionate, and more loving to people. Then, they do everything they can to make themselves more comfortable, as they hide away from the world behind the sterility of their religious practice, huddled together for safety in their houses of worship.

It’s everywhere!

Whether it’s about getting pizza versus going to the gym, or your life’s purpose versus going gaming online, what you actually do is ultimately more important to you than what you say you want. But, is that what you really want?

If not, it’s time to choose! “If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get the results you have always got!” If that’s what you want, fine. If not, it’s time to be honest with yourself, and bring your habits into alignment with your hopes and dreams.

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