Second Half of the Season

Second Half of the Season

Wow! Here in the United States, we are halfway through the Summer all ready. How has yours been so far? We’ve just had the 4th of July Weekend, missed a hurricane down here in Florida, and people are starting to talk about getting the kids back to school in the Fall. Life sure moves fast! Doesn’t it?

The mid-season mark is always a great place to pause for a moment, catch your breath, take a look around, and see if you are still on track, headed in the direction you want to be going. That’s what we’ve been doing — Reviewing the first half, catching up & cleaning up, and designing the second half so we can finish the season strong!

How about you? Is the Summer quietly slipping away from your good intentions? Or, are you getting done the things you intended to get done? These updates are an encouragement to us all to take a moment, refresh our intentions, and push on for the second half of a great season.

Stellar Impact

Maintaining Margins & Focus

Saying yes to the greatest good, often means saying no to a great deal of good? How do you make those decisions, keep it all in balance, and be able to honor your commitments? — Without burning out!

Mid-Summer Momentum

Do you realize that, here in the US, Summer is halfway through? That’s a bit of a jolt, isn’t it? Time to do a quick mental reset, check in with yourself, and line up for the end of the Season. What are the 1,2,& 3 things you hope to accomplish before the Season is done?

Leveraging Your Impact

Here’s how we start leveraging our effectiveness in areas we wish to impact — by helping the leaders, already on the ground, to be more effective in their work. HILT (Humanitarian Impact Leaders Training) is on it’s way, gaining momentum, and lining up for a soft launch in the Fall. This will give you an idea of the model behind it, and how your help is making a difference in the world.

Households Helping Households

Now, look what you’ve started! Project Refuge is turning into the mechanism that’s clarify how Enterprising & Prosperous Households, working together in Community, becomes the model and means by which we help women out of dire circumstance — and the future basis for what will become the Stellar Impact Life Communities.

Still Coming Soon …

Stellar Impact Blog Posts

Well … Hit a technical glitch on getting those started, so there’s a slight delay. Let’s hope I can get it sorted out by the end of this 2-week foray. I will let you know, just as soon as I do!


We’ve clearly identified the 5-Pillars of Stellar Impact — Consonance, Character, Capacity, Community, and a Catalyst initiative. The HILT program is clearly coming up front and center. The importance of Enterprising & Prosperous Households is becoming ever clearer. And, the model of how the Households engage in community is starting to crystallize. Hopefully this is all an inspiration to you, and as exciting for you as it is for us.

As always, we so greatly appreciate your consistent encouragement and participation.

Blessings to you all! – Erl

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