Showcase: David Suah

Showcase: David Suah

David is the Founder of Citizens Against Poverty in southeast Liberia.

This 5-minute clip occurred during out an informal conversation we were having, as part of our Tuesday HILT coaching hour (Humanitarian Impact Leaders Training).

It’s completely casual! He’s been out working in the hot African sun, and I’m handling the heat in Florida. So, neither one of us is groomed for television. LOL!

Still, I wanted to give you a glimpse of the kinds of leaders we have on the ground, and a sense of the types of conversations we have.

David is an example of an intelligent, educated, hard-working man who had a successful business career here in America, but left that all behind to go and help the people of his home country, Liberia.

These are the kinds of leaders, stewards of their people, who we look to invest in and help — people full of wisdom, led by compassion, demonstrating dedication and skill, of sober habits and maturity, and with a good reputation among the people in the community around them.

I do hope you enjoy this clip. It will give you insight into the challenges facing one of the poorest countries in the world. In the face of it all, he inspires hope.

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