Thank you, so much, for your generosity!

Please click the following link to be taken to our donation platform:
Stellar Impact Donation Portal

We sincerely appreciate your support, and would not have come as far as we have, and helped all the people we have, were it not for the kind-heartedness of good people like you.

Again, thank you. And, bless you for your generosity.

A Note About Some of the Details

Just a few things that you may encounter:

a. Our donation gateway is They make the portal available to us for free. Which means they will encourage you to give a ‘tip’ as a donation to them to maintain it. That’s what that message is about.

b. When you see Stellar Initiatives, aka. The Stellar Impact Foundation, that’s our non-profit. We route donations through there for donor accountability, and to be able to give you a tax receipt if you need one.

Just in case you got to wondering! 🙂