Time for Review!

Time for Review!

September is Just Around the Corner

Here in the US, we’re fast approaching the end of Summer, and back to school season is upon us.

It’s subtle, but the days are starting to get shorter. Here and there. families are starting to talk about getting together over the holidays, and Fall fashions are starting to show up in stores.

For us, we’re in the last few weeks of Stellar Impact year 2021, and the close of Season 3. In terms of the cadence of the Stellar Impact Master Calendar, this is Review Week.

As we begin to look towards the last months of the calendar year, this the time to reflect on how these past four months have gone, what we have gained from it, and where we need to give attention for the season to come.

This quick little video will give a simple format, a quick set of questions, to help you refresh your intentions as you enter the new season, finish the calendar year strong, and embark on a new Stellar Year 2022.


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