Updates & Two Quick Trainings

Updates & Two Quick Trainings

Well, it’s been more than a little bumpy, trying to convert from email updates to posts on the website. More on that in the first update. As a workaround, I’m posting this batch of updates as a series of individual posts (retro-actively published one minute apart).

It might be a little bit of digital bubble gum & duct tape until we get something a little more stable. One way or another, we’ll get this all working for you!

Hint: You can click on the bold, blue header links to be taken directly to the posts.

1. How Frustrations Can Help You Focus
It’s all in how you respond to it. Right?

2a. Where This Whole System is Going
Clarity on how the model works to help you have greater Impact.

2b. Why the Communication Platform is Being Built This Way
How it supports you, and the work we are doing together.

3. Quick Training: The Value of Elegance in the whole System
… And how it can help you live your life more effectively!

4. Quick Training: Cadence & Calendar
How to transition smoothly from one Season to the next.

5. Bonus Update: Margins, Mission, and Mentoring People
Leaving room in your schedule to actually connect with people who need the gift of you. 

As always, hope this is enjoyable, valuable to you all, and brightens your day.

Be blessed!


Helping You to “Unleash Greater Significance!”

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