Where Are We Going?

Where Are We Going?

When you want to undertake an initiative of any significance, what infrastructure do you need in place to support. One of the very first things you need to address is communication — With whom? What? When? Where? And, how exactly?

In building and increasing your capacity for effective impact, there are four sets of people that have to come together to have effective, large-scale, and sustainable impact in helping those in dire need.

Each group has it’s own unique communication needs — not to mention the training, development, and coaching that has to go into empowering each group. That’s the whole reason we are spending so much time, up front, to get a rock-solid communication system in place. This update is about who that is going to serve.

Update 2a | Where Are We Going?
Repeating myself a little, I know, to get the basic concept across. However, here’s a short story of a couple actually doing it, a quick mini Case Study, to illustrate the basic idea and encourage you to do the same. Plus, there’s a slight refinement in the model that I am introducing here. See if you can spot it!

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